Alternative Sentencing Program

The Plumas County Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) exists to assist justice-involved individuals in the journey of becoming clean and sober, thereby stopping drug-related crime, reducing impaired driving, and reuniting broken families.

The ASP Office is located within the District Attorney’s Office and works with the Plumas County Superior Court, ancillary service providers, non-profits, and law enforcement to ensure quality, evidence-based pretrial release, re-entry, and reintegration programs are being offered in Plumas County.

When an individual is arrested, ASP staff interview that person at the Plumas County Correctional Facility to assess his or her eligibility for the Pretrial Release (PTR) Program. When an individual is sentenced or referred by the Court to a Community Justice Court program (i.e., Prop 47 (grant-funded diversion), AB1810 (mental health diversion), or Drug Court), ASP staff will interview the person and refer him or her to the appropriate treatment, education and/or counseling by utilizing a variety of assessment tools. When ASP clients take advantage of the various resources available, they are ensured safe, monitored, evidence-based assessments, referrals, and services. 

By helping qualified and court-referred clients retain employment and housing, as well as limiting their time spent in custody, the ASP provides high-cost savings to taxpayers. The ASP is proud to provide evidence-based and effective services that benefit clients and the community at large.

Plumas County District Attorneys Prop 47 Diversion Program

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