Fraud Alerts: Stop Calling Me!

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Stop Calling Me!

Tired of calls from strangers? Take back control of your telephone!

  • Sign up for the National No-Call List. It’s easy and it’s free! Call 1-888-382-1222 or register online at Do Not Call.
  • The No-Call List applies to residential and wireless (cell) phones as well as faxes. Unfortunately, businesses and non-profits – including churches and synagogues – are not eligible to register.
  • Some telemarketers can still call you. Charities, politicians and companies with whom you do business are exempt from the law. But you always have the right to say "Put me on your Do Not Call list." This has been a Federal Rule since 1996.
  • The No-Call List will not protect you from crooks! Never talk to strangers on the phone. Simply say, "I do not do business (do not give to charities) over the phone," then hang up – remember that you are in control of your phone!
  • Be careful what you sign. Companies can call with your written permission, so look carefully at contracts, order forms, contest entry forms, and other things you sign to make sure you’re not agreeing to be called without realizing it.
  • It may take a while to notice fewer calls. Telemarketers check the Colorado No-Call List every three months. If you told specific telemarketers to put you on their Do Not Call lists, they have 30 days to take your number off their lists.

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