Bogus Telemarketers Seek Credit Card Information

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Bogus Telemarketers Seek Credit Card Information

Fraudulent telemarketers are calling consumers claiming to be with your credit card company and needing to "verify the information." Callers may say they are with the security department from VISA or MasterCard, and ask if you have purchased an anti-telemarketing device for $500 from an Arizona company. When you say "no," the caller says they will issue a credit to your account and need to verify your address and the seven-digit security number on the back of your card. The caller will ask that you read the last three numbers to verify that the card has not been lost or stolen.

The callers are not from VISA or MasterCard but are con artists who trick you into giving out valuable security information so they can use your credit card number for purchases over the Internet or telephone.

To protect yourself from credit card fraud:

  • NEVER give out personal information to anyone who has called or emailed you – even if they claim to be with a "security department." Credit card companies and banks do not ask for information from their credit/debit cards because they already have that information.
  • Don’t talk to strangers over the phone or reply to unsolicited emails.

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