Beware Telemarketers Promising Grants

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Beware Telemarketers Promising Grants

The District Attorney’s Office has received calls from elderly victims who have given out bank account numbers and other personal information to callers claiming the victims had been "selected to receive a government grant of $8,000."

Victims did not know their accounts would be charged a $299 advance fee. Likely, what the victims will receive is simply a list of potential grant opportunities that require a complicated application process.

The District Attorney warns:

  • Getting a grant is a complicated process. Grants are usually given to serve a social good, and not for personal debt consolidation or other personal needs
  • Never pay in advance or provide personal financial information to an unknown company promising a loan or grant – advance fees are illegal.
  • Don’t talk to strangers over the telephone. Simply say, "I do not do business (or give to charities) over the telephone" and HANG UP!
  • If you have financial problems, local non-profit credit counseling services may be able to assist you at no charge.

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