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The DA’s Position on Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries (Jan 2011)

Editorial - Officer-Involved Shooting - Majewski (Aug 2012)

Editorial - Dateline NBC segment on Wallin-Reed Trial (Oct 2013)

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District Attorney's Year in Review (2016)

Teamwork Key in Reducing Schools’ Absenteeism Rate (Plumas News - Feb 2019)

Plumas County Truancy Prevention Team is on a Mission (Plumas News - Oct 2019)

The Growing Threat of Methamphetamine in Plumas County (Jan 2020)

From Where I Stand: Plumas County Bars and Restaurants - We Need Your Help (March 2020)

Press Release - Quincy Barber Charged (May 2020)

District Attorney's Alternative Sentencing Program Wins CSAC Challenge Award (Nov 2020)

District Attorney Attends Read Across America Day Event for Quincy Elementary School's Third Grade Class (March 2021)

41 Elected District Attorneys Challenge Early Release of 76,000 State Prison Inmates (May 2021)

Press Release - Beckwourth Complex Fire Evacuation Orders (July 2021)

Jerome Alvey Found Guilty of Felony Assault in Attack Blinding Victim (July 2021)

Press Release - Dixie Fire Criminal Investigation Continues (January 2022)

Press Release - Phillips Sentencing (January 2022)

Man Convicted of DUI After Initially Blaming Wife (Plumas News - Feb 2022)

Kayla Thackeray Completes Senior Project with District Attorney's Office (Feb 2022)

Press Release - North State District Attorneys Reach Dixie Fire Settlement with PG&E (April 2022)

DA Answers Questions Regarding PG&E Settlement for Dixie Fire (Plumas News - April 2022)