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Genasys (GEMS) Emergency Alert/Management System 

Plumas County has instituted a new rapid emergency notification service called GEM (Genasys Emergency Management). Stay notified in an emergency situation!

By registering, you'll be added to the emergency call list.

GEMs registration steps

This service can be used in case of fires, chemical spills, evacuations, lockdowns, downed power lines, lost individuals, natural disasters, abductions, water system problems, bomb threats, or other emergencies. Calls can be geographically targeted for localized messaging. If widespread, the entire community could be called within 20 to 30 minutes. The system also reports who did not get a call so that they may be contacted by other means.

During the registration process, you have the ability to customize the order you wish to receive alerts. To receive targeted messages by location, we encourage you to add your home address when registering.   You can add multiple addresses, for example, a home address and work address. The information entered into the system is for the purposes of communicating emergency and official county information only – neither Genasys nor Plumas County will share or sell your information.

About Genasys, Inc: 

Genasys® is a global provider of critical communications systems and solutions that help protect and keep people safe. The Company’s unified software-as-a-service and hardware platform includes Genasys Emergency Management (GEM), Zonehaven™ emergency evacuation resources, National Emergency Warning System (NEWS), Integrated Mass Notification System (IMNS), and LRAD® long-range communication systems. Genasys systems are in service in more than 100 countries in a range of diverse markets and applications, including defense, law enforcement, homeland security, public safety, emergency warning, mass notification, critical event management, and more. For more information, visit

About GEM: 

GEM, Genasys Emergency Management, is a multi-channel alerting system. GEM alerts are broadcast on multiple channels, including SMS, email, landline and mobile phones, mobile app push notification, and more. Additionally, GEM can integrate with social media applications to post messages directly to a customer’s Twitter or Facebook page. GEM is also used for IPAWS alerts and can support mobile and desktop panic apps.