Common Consumer Myths

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Common Consumer Myths

The District Attorney’s Office wants you to know the truth behind these common consumer myths.

MYTH: You have the right to cancel any purchase within three days.

FACT: Contrary to popular belief, the three-day Cooling Off Rule, or right to cancel, applies only to a limited number of cash or credit transactions of $25 or more. The Rule applies to door-to-door sales or other places other than at the company’s regular place of business. Car purchases are usually not covered.

MYTH: You have the right to a store refund if you request one.

FACT: Unless the product is defective or was misrepresented, a refund or exchange is a privilege and not a right that you can demand. Ask about the merchant’s policy before you make a purchase.

MYTH: Most of the money donated to a charity must go to the intended purpose.

FACT: Charities are not obligated to spend a minimum percentage of what they raise on stated charitable purposes. It’s your responsibility to check on charities’ use of funds. Try these excellent websites: Give and Charity Navigator to help you learn more about various charities.

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