Plumas County is Vote by Mail

Vote by Mail Ballots

As of 2016, Plumas County is all Vote by Mail. If you are a registered voter within Plumas County, you will receive a ballot in the mail.

Should you prefer to vote in person, you may bring your unvoted ballot to the Quincy Courthouse polling location. During every election period, we will have voting booths set up within the Courthouse for your convenience.

If you have already voted your ballot, but do not wish to put it in the mail, you may drop your voted ballot into the Ballot Drop-Box located just outside the Quincy Courthouse. You may also bring your ballot into the Plumas County Elections office located within the Quincy Courthouse. We will have a Drop-Box available for use within the office during active election periods.

*All ballots that are voted or returned in-person need to be turned in by 8 pm on election night.

Per Assembly Bill 37 the State of California has mandated that all registered voters will receive a Vote by Mail Ballot: 

"Existing law requires county elections officials to mail a ballot to every registered voter for all elections proclaimed or conducted prior to January 1, 2022...This bill would extend the requirements to mail a ballot to every registered voter to all elections and apply them to all local elections officials."

For further questions regarding Assembly Bill 37, please contact the California Secretary of State's Elections Division at (916) 657-2166.

Quincy Courthouse

Physical Address

520 Main Street

Quincy, CA 95971

  1. Elections Division

    Physical Address
    520 Main Street
    Room 102
    Quincy, CA 95971

Vote by Mail Ballot Tracking

The California Secretary of State offers California voters the opportunity to track their Vote by Mail Ballot through the Where's my Ballot? program. In order to receive tracking notifications for your ballot, you must sign up. Registering to vote does not automatically sign you up to receive ballot tracking information.

To sign up to receive tracking information for your Vote by Mail Ballot, click the link below:

Where's my Ballot? Ballot Tracking

For more information regarding the Where's my Ballot program, please contact the California Secretary of State's Elections Division at (916) 657-2166 or visit their website for further information: Vote By Mail :: California Secretary of State.