Ballot Replacements

If you need a replacement ballot:
1. Print your name, Plumas County residence address, and the address to send your ballot. 
2. Include the date of the election that you want the replacement ballot for.
3. Sign and date your request, mail, fax, or email or call us.

>> California Replacement Vote by Mail Ballot Application

Mailing Address:

Plumas County Clerk-Recorder Elections Division
520 Main Street Room 102
Quincy, CA 95971

Fax Number:


By Email:

To send your request by email:

  • Provide your name, Plumas County residence address, date of birth, the address you want your ballot mailed, and a contact phone number.
  • Only request a ballot for yourself - every voter must request their ballot.

Email Address: Email Elections

By Phone:

1. Call the Elections Division at 530-283-6256 or 1-844-676-VOTE.
2. Provide your name, home residence address, and date of birth (all must match your current voter registration on file).
3. An application for a Vote by-mail ballot made by any person other than the registered voter is a criminal offense

*Should you need a replacement ballot but require a representative to pick it up for you, please have your representative fill out this form and return it to the Plumas County Elections office when they arrive to pick up your replacement ballot.