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County Base Map

This is a general-purpose wall map, designed for public use, of the physical geography of Plumas County with highways, major roads, railroad, towns, mountain peaks, and lakes.Download File (PDF)22,541 KB


General Plan Designations
Plumas County General Plan designations.Download File (PDF)29,544 KB34"x44"
Williamson Act Lands 2008
California State created map depicting Williamson Act Lands in Plumas County.Download File (PDF)2,207 KB34"x44"
Plumas County SRA Lands
California State created map depicting State Responsibility Area (SRA) lands for fire protection, including incorporated cities (Plumas County only).Download File (PDF)4,228 KB34"x44"
Plumas County Abandoned Mines
Abandoned Mines within Plumas County. Data points provided by CA Dept of Conservation.Download File (PDF)3,786 KB34"x44"
2011 Supervisorial Districts

The Supervisorial District boundaries shown on this map were approved by the Plumas County Board of Supervisors on May 17, 2011 (ordinance 2011-1080 effective July 5, 2011) using information from the 2010 Decennial Census.Download Filen/a


Statewide Abandoned Mine Features
Map of California Abandoned Mines (potential, inventoried, and remediated mine feature locations). Map created by CA Dept of Conservation.Download File (PDF)414 KB

8 1/2"x11"

Census Related Maps:

Map NameDescriptionDownload LinkFile SizeLayout Size
Population Density & Historic Trends
2010 population density and historic population trends from 1900 to 2013Download File (PDF)4,299 KB34"x44" (E-SIZE)
2001 vs 2010 Census Population Distribution
2001 vs. 2010 population distribution between the 2001 Supervisorial District boundariesDownload File (PDF)801 KB34"x44"
2010 Census Demographics
2010 Census Tracts, Block Groups, Blocks, and Census Designated PlacesDownload File (PDF)5,011 KB34"x44"
2010 Census Population Blocks with 2001 BOS Boundary
2010 Census Blocks with Population and 2001 Supervisorial BoundariesDownload File (PDF)1,842 KB34"x44"

 Maps created for Plumas County Fire Safe Council:

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Fuel Rank (County of Plumas)
Fuel Rank was taken from FRAP (Fire and Resource Assessment Program) website and represents fuel rankings based on expected fire behavior. See FRAP website for more details (Fire Data).Download File (PDF)15,176 KB34"x44"
Historical Large Fires
Historical fires larger than 100 acres. (Years 1917-2010) Data provided by CalFire, USFS, BLM, NPS, contract counties and other agencies.Download File (PDF)18,668 KB34"x44"
Plumas County Annual Average Precipitation
Annual Precipitation Average for Plumas County. Vector dataset provides derived average annual precipitation in inches according to a model using point precipitation data for the 30-year period of 1971-2000. Data provided by USDA/NRCS National Geospatial Management CenterDownload File (PDF)11,201 KB


Plumas County Fire Return Interval Departure (FRID)
Map consists of information compiled about fire return intervals for major vegetation types on the Plumas and Lassen National Forests. Data provided by USFS.Download File (PDF)5,248 KB34"x44"
Plumas County Ignition Occurrences by Point Source
Fire ignition occurrences (nature or person caused) within Plumas County. Data provided by USFS and CalFire.Download File (PDF)30,542 KB34"x44"
Plumas County Existing Vegetation
CalVeg classification type (provided by USFS) of existing vegetation within Plumas County.Download File (PDF)

35,699 KB34"x44"
Depicts Plumas County's Communities at Risk (CAR) and Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas.Download File (PDF)16,637 KB34"x44"
WUI-CAR with Projects
Depicts Plumas County's Communities at Risk (CAR) and Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas with hazardous fuel reduction projects.Download File (PDF)14,867 KB34"x44"
Fire Stations and Staffing
Depicts Plumas County's Communities at Risk (CAR) with fire protection district boundaries, fire stations, and staffing.Download File (PDF)32,014 KB34"x44"