Housing Element

2019-2024 Public Review Draft Housing Element

The Housing Element is one of the seven state mandated elements of the Plumas County General Plan and provides the framework to address the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the unincorporated area of Plumas County. Under state law, the Housing Element must address the County’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation and analyze the needs and issues of housing availability and affordability, among others. The Housing Element then sets forth goals, policies, and programs to address the identified needs and issues.

Public Comments

The 2019-2024 Housing Element is available. Please visit the County’s Planning Department at 555 Main Street, Quincy, during normal business hours (8am to 5pm) to reference a hard copy, or for an electronic copy, follow the link below:

OCTOBER HOUSING ELEMENT FINAL FOR ADOPTION 2019-2024 Plumas County Housing Element


HCD Review Period

The State Department of Housing and Community Development’s (HCD) review period ran from July 19, 2019 through September 17, 2019. Plumas County's Planning Department worked with HCD during the review period to address the State's comments. HCD received revised drafts of the Housing Element on August 26, 2019 and September 12, 2019. 

Upon review of the revised drafts and pursuant to Government Code section 65585, subdivision (b), HCD provided the REVIEW LETTER to the County reporting the results of the their review, which stated the draft Housing Element with revisions meets the statutory requirements of state Housing Element law. The Housing Element will comply with state Housing Element law (Article 10.6 of the Government Code) when it is adopted and submitted to HCD, in accordance with Gov. Code section 65585.

Public Participation

HCD requires that local governments make a diligent effort to achieve the public participation of all economic segments of the community.

Public Workshops

To provide opportunities for public participation in the preparation of the Housing Element, the County conducted two workshops; one on June 20, 2019 and another on July 11, 2019, both were during the meetings of the Plumas County Planning Commission. The purpose and contents of the Housing Element was explained and a timeline for preparation and adoption was presented. No public comments were received at either of the workshops.

Public Hearings

Plumas County Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on the 2019-2024 Draft Housing Element on August 29, 2019 at a special meeting of the Commission. AGENDA 

Public comment received at the August 29, 2019 Planning Commission Public Hearing was made by a Trustee of the Board of Feather River College, a community college in Quincy, regarding the lack of student housing. Commissioners had one comment concerning an edit within the Residential Energy Conservation section to clarify that PG&E provides only electricity to the County, not natural gas, as there are no natural gas service lines in Plumas County.

The Planning Commission voted in favor of forwarding the Draft 2019-2024 Housing Element and CEQA Addendum to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation for adoption.

Plumas County Board of Supervisors held a Public Hearing on the 2019-2024 Draft Housing Element on October 1, 2019 at a regular meeting of the Board. AGENDA

Public comment received at the October 1, 2019 Board of Supervisors public hearing was made by the President of Feather River College regarding the unmet need for college student resident housing. The Director of Plumas County Community Development Commission (PCCDC) commented regarding the need for affordable housing to support Section 8 vouchers. The Board received correspondence from Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center (PCIRC).

The Board of Supervisors made a unanimous motion to direct staff to return to the Board (scheduled for October 15, 2019) with a Resolution to accept the CEQA Addendum to the 2009-2014 Housing Element Initial Study/Negative Declaration Number 646 and adopt the 2019-2024 General Plan Housing Element, and to incorporate comments made by Feather River College and PCCDC.

Plumas County Board of Supervisors meeting scheduled on October 15, 2019 to accept the CEQA Addendum and adopt the 2019-2024 Housing Element. AGENDA