Plumas County General Plan

2035 General Plan Update

The State of California requires that every county and city have a comprehensive,
long-term general plan to guidCourthousee future development. The previous General Plan was adopted in 1984. The Plumas County 2035 General Plan update represents the interests of the citizens of Plumas County by balancing competing interests and protecting valuable resources.


In 2009 Plumas County hired the consulting firm "Design Workshop" to provide project management for the general plan update. To develop and adopt a General Plan with broad public acceptance and support, public engagement was critical. The project included a robust public engagement effort throughout the process.

The public engagement tasks included soliciting and informing public opinion at several
different levels. The process included stakeholder working groups, public workshops,
formal County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor meeting presentations, and social media networks. 


On December 17, 2013, the Plumas County Board of Supervisors adopted the 2035 General Plan. 

General Plan Annual Progress Report

The General Plan Annual Progress Report (APR) is prepared annually under the requirements of California Government Code Section 65400 and is due to the State by April 1 of each year. Guidance for the preparation of the Report is provided by the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) and the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). Providing a copy of the APR to HCD fulfills statutory requirements to report certain housing information, including the local agency’s progress in meeting its share of regional housing needs and local efforts to remove governmental constraints to the development of housing (Government Codes Section 65584.3(c) and 65584.5(b)(5)). The APR is a reporting document and does not create or alter policy. The content is provided for informational purposes only and is exempt from the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) per CEQA Guidelines Sec. 15306 (Class 6). The purpose of the APR is to document the status of the General Plan and the County’s progress in its implementation.

2021 APR

The 2021 General Plan APR was provided to the County Planning Commission on March 3, 2022, for review and the Commission unanimously recommended forwarding the Report to the Board of Supervisors. The Report was then provided to the County Board of Supervisors on March 15, 2022, for review, and the Board took action and unanimously accepted the Report and directed Planning Department staff to submit the Report to OPR and HCD, which was completed on March 28, 2022.