Plumas County 2035 General Plan

Plumas County 2035 General Plan (PDF)GP Cover FINAL

General Plan Amendments

DateFile No.Board of Supervisors Resolution No.Zone Change Ordinance No.
March 16, 2021GPA 7-18/19-01, GPA 8-19/20-0121-857321-1134
October 19, 2021GPA 8-21/22-0221-8634N/A
June 13, 2023GPA 8-21/22-0123-881223-1149


Scenic Areas:

Almanor and Canyon, Indian ValleyAmerican Valley, and Meadow Valley,
Mohawk Valley and Middle Fork, Sierra Valley and Last Chance

Special Management Areas:

Genesee Valley Special Management Area

Design Review Areas:

Quincy Design Review Guidelines, Chester Design Review Guidelines, Johnsville Style Book, and LaPorte Guidelines