Cultural Competency

Plumas County Behavioral Health is committed to and offers a full range of specialty behavioral health services provided by a culturally diverse network of community partners, therapists, and intervention counselors/case managers.

Plumas County Behavioral Health demonstrates its commitment to diversity by adhering to the following Cultural and Linguistic Appropriate Standards (CLAS):

  • Provide effective, equitable, understandable, and respectful quality care and services that are responsive to diverse cultural health beliefs and practices, preferred languages, health literacy, and other communication needs.
  • Advance and sustain organizational governance and leadership that promotes CLAS and health equity through policies and procedures and allocated resources.
  • Recruit, promote, and support culturally and linguistically diverse governance, leadership, and workforce that are responsive to the population in the service area.
  • Educate and train governance, leadership, and workforce in culturally and linguistically appropriate policies and practices on an ongoing basis
  • Offer language assistance to individuals who have limited English proficiency and/or other communication needs, at no cost to them, to facilitate timely access to all health care and services
  • Inform all individuals of the availability of language assistance services clearly and in their preferred language verbally and in writing.
  • Ensure the competence of individuals providing language assistance, recognizing the use of untrained individuals and/or minors as interpreters should be avoided
  • Provide easy-to-understand print and multimedia materials and signage in languages commonly used by the populations in the service area
  • Establish culturally and linguistically appropriate goals, policies, and management accountability and infuse them throughout the organization’s planning and operations
  • Conduct ongoing assessments of the organization’s CLAS-related activities and integrate CLAS-related measures into measurement and continuous quality improvement activities
  • Collect and maintain accurate and reliable demographic data to monitor and evaluate the impact of CLAS on health equity and outcomes and inform service delivery
  • Conduct regular assessments of community health assets and needs and use the results to plan and implement services that respond to the cultural and linguistic diversity of populations in the service area
  • Partner with the community to design, implement, and evaluate policies, practices, and services to ensure cultural and linguistic appropriateness
  • Create conflict grievance resolution processes that are culturally and linguistically appropriate to identify, prevent, and resolve conflicts or complaints
  • Communicate the organization’s progress in implementing and sustaining CLAS to all stakeholders, constituents, and the general public

Cultural Competence Committee

** Currently Recruiting for Spanish Speaking Consumers and Family Members to join our Cultural Competence Committee**

**Actualmente reclutando a consumidores de hablas español y miembros de la familia para unirse a nuestro Comité de competencia cultural** 

Plumas County Behavioral Health Cultural Competence Committee works to ensure equal access to services for all residents of Plumas County regardless of social/cultural and linguistic diversity. The committee sets goals and objectives focused on continuous quality improvement, creating a welcoming environment, and providing guidance towards achieving and maintaining cultural competence in:

  • policies and procedures
  • service delivery
  • staff and contractor training
  • increasing awareness of mental health through outreach and educational events
  • stigma reduction

The Cultural Competence Committee meets every 4th Thursday of the month at 4 PM. Membership is open to consumers, family members, and staff For more information about this committee please contact Aimee: at (530) 283-6307 ext. 1016

Cultural Competency Plan

This plan was developed in collaboration with consumers, community members, and local stakeholders

Plumas County Behavioral Health Cultural Competence Plan 2020-2023 (PDF)