Fire Safe Driveways

This requirement is determined during the review of a Building Permit application by the Plumas County Planning Department.

If required, the applicant should complete and deliver the Fire Safe Driveway form and driveway plan to the Engineering Department for review of code compliance as stated in Plumas County Code Section 8-14.02. (g).


Fire Safe Driveway Application - Revised Nov. 17, 2023

Fire Safe Driveway Site Plan Criteria Checklist - Revised Nov. 17, 2023 

11x17 FSDWY Site Plan Example & Template


SRA & VHFHSZ Viewer - Title 14 Natural Resources / Division 1.5 Dept. of Forestry / Chapter 7 - Fire Protection / Subchapter 2 State Min. Fire Safe Reg. 

More Information:

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Engineering Staff.