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Copy / Scan / Print Request Form

  1. Please fill out the following information to request copies or prints of Recorded Maps, large format documents, or submit PDF's for printing.

    Each invoice will be provided with payment instructions; payment options include cash and check.

    Turnaround time is 2-3 working days. 

  2. Mailed copies will be sent by USPS Flat Rate Envelope or Box. Actual Postage will be applied to the invoice.
  3. Examples: Page 1 of Subdivision Maps, Book 2 (or 1 M 2) Page 3 of Parcel Maps Book 4 (or 3 PM 4) Page 5 of Record of Surveys; Book 6 (or 5 RS 6)

  4. ONLY complete mailing address if you select copies to mailed to you and if mailing address is different than billing address
  5. For any questions please contact the Engineering Department at (530) 283-6209.
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