Engineering Department Functions

Administers the Plumas County Floodplain Ordinance.

Provide State and Local code compliance consultation to applicants and contractors on project development and mapping requirements.

Performs plan checking functions about the following applications and maps: Records of Survey, Certificates of Corrections, Parcel Maps and Subdivisions, as well as reviews resultant parcel and parcel exchange deed descriptions related to Lot Line Adjustments.

Performs plan checking for code compliance of infrastructure improvements that are required per Conditions of Approval imposed by the Zoning Administrator on approved development applications.

Perform plan checking for code compliance on behalf of the Building Department regarding Fire Safe Driveway Designs.

Assures that engineering Conditions of Approval imposed by the Zoning Administrator on approved development applications are satisfied.

Oversees the construction of approved improvements for developments.

Administers security (guarantee and warranty) documents about approved developments with infrastructure improvements.

Responds to inquiries and requests from professionals, the public, and other agencies related to civil engineering and survey matters, including County policies, the Subdivision Map Act, and State and County requirements and practices.

Participates in the periodic meetings of the Development Review Committee and the Public Works/Engineering Review Committee.

Provides large format copier/scanner services to project development representatives and to other County departments.

Provides additional staff support services, on a requested basis, to the Department of Public Works and the Plumas County Transportation Commission.

Participates in the Plumas County Safety Program.

Participates in the Plumas County Office of Emergency Services Program.

Manages and provides staff support services to the following dependent special districts:

Beckwourth County Service Area

Walker Ranch Community Service District