County Medical Services Program (CMSP) Wellness & Prevention Pilot Program

The CMSP Wellness & Prevention Pilot Program conducts outreach, enrollment, retention, and utilization (OERU) activities targeting potentially eligible, but not enrolled, CMSP populations, specifically the uninsured undocumented population in Plumas County. The main component of this OERU effort is a bilingual Community Health Outreach Worker (referred to as Promotora) to connect the uninsured population with health care coverage and provide patient navigation and advocacy where needed. Key collaborative community partners are provided education and training to screen and refer eligible populations at the point of contact (WIC, resource center, etc) and/or provide a warm handoff to the Promotora who will enroll them in their own home or other location. The Promotora also works with key community partners to assist the target population with supportive community services, such as utility assistance, transportation, and housing, in order to maintain stability and produce improved health outcomes.