Smoke-Free Outdoor Recreation Areas

What have we accomplished?

Central Plumas Recreation and Park District

Park facilities operated by the Central Plumas Recreation and Park District throughout the county became tobacco-free effective April 1, 2018! That means no smoking, chewing, and no vaping anywhere on park premises.  

Find more information here: Tobacco-Free Outdoor Policies (PDF).

What are we working on?

The Tobacco Use Reduction Prevention team is working with the Feather River Land Trust and US Forest Service on outdoor tobacco-free policies in recreational areas around Plumas County. 


Environmental Impacts

"The Environmental Impact of Cigarette Butts" shows a young girl who is presenting to her class in school about what she learned over the summer and how toxic cigarette butts pollute our environment. In her presentation, she shares many facts about how cigarette butts harm the world we live in, cost us millions to clean up, and don't biodegrade. Whether you smoke or not, we all pay the price of tobacco. For more about this video, visit

Just a little piece of trash? Nope.

Big Tobacco would love for us to see their toxic trash as harmless little bits of paper and cotton. We'd love for them to come clean about the mess they've made.

Meet Big Tobacco's toxic waste

Cigarette trash is a dirty problem, made by an even dirtier industry. It's time for Big Tobacco to come clean about the dangers of its toxic waste.

Thrown Away 

Just look around. They're everywhere. In 2005, an estimated 135 million pounds of cigarette butts were dumped into the U.S. environment. Cigarette butts are the most common toxic waste found in cleanups and the number one item found on California highways. And contrary to popular belief, they do not decompose completely.

Cigarette Rain

For decades we have known that cigarettes are toxic, for both people who smoke and those around them. What you may not know is just how toxic and dangerous cigarettes are to the environment.  

Toxic Tobacco Waste Infograph with PCPHA Information