Vapes & E-Cigarettes


Are they really a healthy alternative?

*Myth: Vapes produce harmless water vapor.

Reality: Vapes produce an aerosol that has nicotine and toxins known to cause cancer. These toxic chemicals include things like benzene, lead, and nickel, some of the same chemicals found in tobacco products. The chemical diacetyl, found in many vape flavors, is linked to serious lung disease.

*Myth: Vapes are safe.

Reality: Vapes are NOT a risk-free product. They contain nicotine and low levels of toxins and chemicals. Vapes are especially dangerous for teens, whose brains are still developing. Teens who vape are at risk for nicotine addiction, mood disorders, difficulty paying attention, reduced impulse control, and learning problems.

*Myth: Vaping isn’t addictive.

Reality: Nicotine is a highly addictive drug. Nicotine is one of the main ingredients in most vape e-liquids.

*Myth: Vapes can help people quit tobacco.

Reality: Vapes are not approved by the FDA to help people quit tobacco. Some people switch from cigarettes to vapes. But switching isn’t quitting. In fact, vape use among youth and young adults is strongly linked to the use of other tobacco products, such as traditional cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco.

*Myth: Big Tobacco doesn’t make vape products.

Reality: All major tobacco companies now make vapes. By 2020 the vape market is expected to reach $15 billion.


What happens when they explode?

Click the image below for a video of exploding vapes.

Vape Explosion