Fraud Alert: Schemers Gain Access To Bank Ac

Fraud Alert!

Schemers Gain Access To Bank Accounts

Two schemes are targeting elderly victims. One involves a phony Wal-Mart promotion and the other a fake check for Canadian lottery winnings. Both are trying to trick you into giving access to bank accounts.

In the Wal-Mart scam, the caller wants to send a $500 book of coupon savings, but needs your checking account number to pay the $4.95 fee. Several victims had hundreds dollars taken from their accounts.

The Canadian lottery check comes with a letter asking for your bank account number in which to wire the rest of your winnings. If you do this, you are giving Canadian con artists access to your bank account. The check is counterfeit and if you withdraw funds against it, you may be responsible to your bank for the losses.

Foreign lotteries are illegal in the United States; but that doesn't stop foreign crooks from targeting Americans with their schemes. One recent victim sold his home in order to pay the "taxes" on his Canada lottery winnings. There is very little that law enforcement can do to get victims' money back in these foreign schemes

To Protect Yourself:

  • Never give out personal financial information to anyone soliciting you by telephone, e-mail or postal mail.
  • Hang up, delete the e-mail and throw the mailing away!

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