Overview of Transit Services

Plumas Transit Systems

Plumas Transit Systems operates fixed route services for Plumas County. This service is heavily used by clients of social service agencies and Feather River College (FRC) students. Scheduled routes currently serve:

  • Chester to Quincy (three daily routes)
  • Portola to Quincy (three daily routes)
  • Quincy/East Quincy (six daily routes with evening service)

Most county residents live along the current routes, and major destinations within the County are located on the routes.

Riders with disabilities can request route deviations to access stops within 3/4 mile of a route. Additional information for riders with disabilities is available.

All three daily routes serve Feather River College and students account for a substantial portion of system ridership. The current route designs and timing accommodate FRC student transportation needs.

The Chester to Quincy route makes a stop at Hamilton Branch, about eight and a half miles southeast of Chester, where connections to the Lassen Rural Bus are available. This provides a connection to Susanville.

Please connect to the Plumas Transit Systems webpage here or call (530) 283-2538 for more information.

Other Transportation Providers

Other transportation providers include Plumas County Senior Services, Plumas Rural Services, Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center, Veteran Services, CalWorks, and Native American organizations.

2023 Short-Range Transit Plan

The purpose of the Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) is to assess current transit-related issues in the context of the current demographic and economic setting of Plumas County and to provide operational, financial, capital, and managerial recommendations for the next five years. The last SRTP for Plumas County was completed in 2015.  Much has changed in the last 8 years.  County demographics, the economy, and the current operation of the County’s transit systems are much different today.  The new SRTP must recognize and acknowledge these changes and develop feasible strategies for meeting identified needs with increasingly limited resources and funding.

An essential component of the SRTP is the identification of transit needs.  This is accomplished through a State-mandated “Unmet Transit Needs” public outreach process.  This process is performed by the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC), an advisory body to the Plumas County Transportation Commission.  The process requires community meetings in which the public is invited to share their opinions on transit needs within their community.

2023 Short-Range Transit Plan

Project Status

Meetings, Coordination, and Information Review
Demographic Overview and Evaluation of Existing Services
Service and System Evaluation 
Develop Goals, Objectives, and Standards 
Conduct Public Participation Activities 
Develop Capital and Financial Plan 
Develop Preferred Service Alternatives 
Develop Implementation Plan 
Prepare Short-Range Transit Plan


Paratransit is recognized in North America as a special transportation service for people with disabilities.

The Plumas County Transportation Commission passed and adopted a resolution approving the Plumas County Transportation Commission ADA Paratransit Plan.

The resolution (PDF) is available for reading by clicking here.