Plumas County Transportation Commission

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According to California Government Code, Title 3, Division 5, Chapter 2, Section 29535:Within each county which is not within the jurisdiction of a statutorily created regional transportation planning agency or a council of governments, a local transportation commission shall be established and composed of three members appointed by the board of supervisors, three members appointed by the city selection committee of the county or by the city council in any county in which there is only one incorporated city,

Transportation planning is the mission of the Plumas County Transportation Commission (PCTC). The PCTC works to plan, communicate, and coordinate with the citizens and decision-makers of Plumas County, Portola, and Caltrans to create a balanced regional transportation system.

This includes administration of regional, state, and federal funding for projects related to roadways, bridges, public transportation services, railways, airports, bicycle facilities, and pedestrian amenities. Throughout this process the PCTC seeks to protect the rural qualities and historic character of Plumas County.

The Plumas County Transportation Commission meets on the 3rd Monday of the month, as necessary. 
In developing these transportation solutions, the PCTC initiates design concepts, engineering feasibility studies, environmental studies, and proposes funding sources to construct transportation improvements. Once these tasks are completed, projects are turned over to Caltrans or to a local jurisdiction for construction. The PCTC is conducting the Plumas County 2025 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Update. This RTP will guide transportation investments for many modes of travel, prioritize transportation projects, identify funding sources, and schedule future project implementation.  The RTP development process will be a collaborative effort between Plumas County, Caltrans, environmental and resource management agencies, and the public. For more information visit the project website: