E-Books and Recommended Reading

Additional information about Libby/Overdrive and Palace Project is available on the Our Collection page, including detailed information about the databases and guides on how to use them. Otherwise, just download their app from your device's app store and follow the app's instructions to gain access. To see other e-book databases that don't require a library card, scroll down this page.

Sites to Help You Figure Out What to Read Next

Gnooks - Discover New Books
It will ask you which authors you like and then think about which other authors you might like too.

Your Next Read
Search for a book you like, and this site will recommend other books and authors you may like.
 (Please note this site is only an archive.)

What Should I Read Next
Enter a book you like and the site will analyze its huge database of real readers’ favorite books to provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.

Literature Map
Type in the name of an author you like, and you will be provided with a map of authors with similar styles. You can keep clicking on author names and make new maps.

Enables millions of combinations of factors and then suggests books that most closely match your needs.        

 Look up an author and find similar writers, as well as different author recommendation lists. 

YALSA Book Finder
Find great teen books for ages.

Share what titles or genres you’ve enjoyed in the past, and they’ll give you recommendations. This site also provides reviews from people all over the world.    

Family Video Game Database
This focuses on video games and board games, and it helps you find games for all ages.

Book Series Recaps
Provides both book reviews (spoiler-free) and recaps of books (not spoiler-free.) 

Lets you read, review, and recommend new upcoming books. 

A website dedicated to enriching every student's reading experience, and offers book guides, meet-the-author movies, vocabulary lists, help to build your own booklists, and so much more.

Book Connections
Personalize and enjoy digital connections to books for kids and teens.

New York Times Bestseller Lists
Authoritatively ranked lists of books sold in the United States, sorted by format and genre.

And the Library Staff will be happy to help you find any title you would like to read.

Sites to Help You Find the Book/Movie Title You Can’t Remember

What’s the Name of That Book???
A Goodreads group page that will help you find the book you are looking for. 

Name That Book
Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again.

What's That Book & Find My Movie & Tip of My Tongue
Reddit threads to help you find the title of the book/movie you can’t remember. 

What Is My Movie
Use your own words, or search with titles, actors, directors, genres, etc. We find movies for you to watch. 

Sites that List Content Warnings

Does the Dog Die?
Crowdsourced content warnings for movies, TV, books, and more; includes more categories than animal deaths/harm.

Unconsenting Media
It only compiles triggers for TV and film and focuses on sexual violence.

Common Sense Media
This reviews and provides ratings for media and technology to provide information on their suitability for children; it can provide detailed commentary on several common triggers.

Trigger Warning Database
You can search the database by either content warnings or by the particular title/author.

Book Trigger Warnings
A site dedicated to helping readers feel more prepared, better informed, and safer with their books.

TV Tropes
While the site is dedicated to just listing the tropes involved in a piece of media (book, film, TV show, fanfiction, or more), seeing tropes listed can help.

Free E-Book and E-Audiobook Sites

Besides Overdrive/Libby and Palace (which has a huge collection of e-books and e-audiobooks to download), here are some sites that do not require a library card (though it is extremely easy and free to get one):

Please note several of these sites have a large amount of ads. As of posting, these sites were considered safe, but take caution when using the site, and whenever possible use the "read/listen online only" option rather than downloading the item.

Bibliomania has thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories, and plays, in easy formatting to make it accessible to the visually impaired using screen readers and speech synthesizers.
The Chronicles of Now offers short fiction torn from today’s headlines; well-known authors are commissioned to write short stories inspired by the news of the day. (You need to register for the site first.)
DigitalBooks offers audiobooks, e-books, and podcasts in several genres, including YA and Children's.
Free eBooks.net offers five free books per month of fiction, nonfiction, academic, textbooks, and (children and adult) audiobooks.
Ghost City Press offers PDFs of their annual Micro-Chapbook Series; poetry.
HathiTrust is a partnership of academic and research institutions and offers a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world.
International Children’s Digital Library is a digital library of outstanding children’s books from around the world and in hundreds of languages.
Internet Archive is a library of fiction, popular books, children’s books, historical texts, and academic books based on a wide range of interests. Includes archives of old radio shows too.
Learn Out Loud offers a selection of over 10,000 free educational audio and video titles.
Librivox provides free public-domain audiobooks, read by volunteers from around the world.
Loyal Books has free public-domain audiobooks and e-books.
Many Books has more than 50,000 free ebooks in several genres; you can also search for books in multiple languages.
MIT Press is a publisher of books and journals at the intersection of science, technology, art, social science, and design.
The Online Books Page provides a searchable database of a long list of authors and books that have fallen into the Public Domain. Maintained by the University of Pennsylvania, it also highlights a celebration of women writers.
Open Culture eBooks provides a list of 800 free eBooks, as well as links to free movies, audiobooks, textbooks, and online courses.
Palace Project covers the Digital Public Library of America aggregating openly licensed books and making them available for free to download; includes languages other than English. (Additional items are available with a library card.)
Planet eBook provides a list of all the free eBooks published by Planet eBook.
Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks, featuring the world’s great literature here, with a focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired.
ProPlay offers the text of professionally produced stage plays.
Standard E-Books is a collection of high quality, carefully formatted, accessible, open source, and free public domain ebooks.
Storynory offers audio streaming of fairytales, myths, classics, and original works.
Tor posts original fiction, comics, poetry, book excerpts, and reprinted stories.

Free E-Books

Roadmap to Resilience by Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D. is recommended by PC Behavioral Health to offer help in dealing with COVID-19.

A Disabled Hiker’s Guide to the Redwoods: This PDF guide provides accessibility overviews for eleven redwood parks and four giant sequoia parks in California. Syren Nagakyrie created this guide with Save The Redwoods League. Syren conducted in-depth reviews using ADA/ABA guidelines and personal and professional experience. They visited eight featured redwood parks and conducted thorough research on seven additional parks.