Bail Bonds

All persons arrested and brought to the Plumas County Correctional Facility have the right to post bail unless revoked by the local magistrate. All bail agencies have to be registered with the Plumas County Superior Court before they are allowed to post bail. Personnel checks will not be accepted as a form of bail payment, only cash, money orders, and cashier's checks will be accepted.

Current List of Accepted Bail Agencies:

  • Holly Bail Bonds, Susanville, (530)257-5622
  • Marland Bail Bonds, Susanville, (530)257-9775
  • Nancy Schwarz Bail Bonds, Susanville, (530)257-3867
  • Susanville Bail Bonds, Susanville, (530)257-9774
  • Lassen County Bail Bonds, Susanville, (530)257-2245
  • Mcmains Bail Bonds, Multiple Locations, (530)283-9991
  • Aladdin Bail Bonds, Red Bluff, (530)529-4200
  • No Time Bail Bonds, Loyalton, (530)993-4286

If you are going to use a bail agency to post bail for an inmate, be sure that they are registered with our Superior Court. If they are not registered we cannot accept the bail and the bail agency will be turned away.