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NOTICE TO GOLD MINERS - 2023 Annual Assessment Work - Proof of Labor - 

If you received a form from the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for local mining claims this year, please download the correct form provided. The BLM forms do not meet the California requirements for recording documents. Please use the correct form to avoid your paperwork being returned unrecorded and avoid missing the deadline to get your document recorded. You may download the recordable form here: Affidavit of Assessment - Proof of Labor Form (PDF). Please note, the correct form is 2 pages and will save you additional recording fees. Also, this form has no requirement to be notarized, you just have to submit the original document for recording. If you have questions, you may contact our office at 530-283-6218.

Instructions for filing claim (PDF)

Remember, your county taxes must be paid in full at the time your document is submitted for recording. Please provide a separate check for your taxes made payable to the Plumas County Treasurer-Tax Collector.

2023 Mining Claim Facts

Mining Claim Fees - Bureau of Land Management

NOTICE - SB2 - The Affordable Housing and Jobs Act - A $75 tax applies to recordable documents, including Mining Claims.

Documents presented for recording without proper fees will be returned unrecorded.

Read the Government Code Section 27388.1 (PDF) and how it affects your documents.

Learn who to contact with your concerns: Contact Information (PDF)

How was this law passed? Contact: Governor Newsome (PDF)