Mobile Food Facilities

What is a Mobile Facility?

A Mobile Food Facility (i.e. hot dog cart, espresso wagon, Fair vehicles) is a food vehicle or cart, used in conjunction with a commissary or other permanent food facility. "Mobile Food Facility" does not include an "approved vehicle" used to transport packaged food from a food facility, or other approved source to the consumer.

To apply for a permit to operate a temporary or mobile food facility, please apply with the appropriate fees. 

**Please Note: Non Profit Vendors are exempt from fees, but are still responsible for all requirements about the facility.

sample of a good food cart

Important information about Mobile Food Facilities:

Cal Code (Section 114335 & 114294) (PDF) - Temporary & Mobile Food

Complete Mobile Food Facility Guide (PDF)

Mobile Food Facility Permit Application (PDF)

** These definitions are as printed in the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code) Effective July 1, 2007