How to Testify

Be Truthful

Just tell the facts as you know them, simply and concisely. Don’t guess or speculate about an answer, even if you think you should know the answer. If you don’t understand the question, ask that it be explained. 

Answer Only the Questions Asked

The prosecutor will guide you through a sequence of questions, many of which can simply be answered “yes” or “no.” Do not try to say everything at once or volunteer information. 

Remain Calm and Courteous

Slow down and think before you respond. Being courteous makes a good impression on the court and jury. Wait until a question is finished before answering. Don’t try to outwit the questions or lose your temper because it may diminish the impact of your testimony. 

Court Calendar Information

There is no online information readily available in Plumas County; however, you can get detailed case status information by calling the Victim Witness Assistance Program at 530-283-6285