Mid Action Report

To capture the events of the COVID-19 pandemic response and provide a testament to the commitment of PCPHA to their stakeholders and county residents, PCPHA thought it valuable to assess their performance during the response thus far in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement moving forward that can be addressed. As such, PCPHA contracted a third-party, public health and emergency management consultancy, Constant Associates, Inc. (CONSTANT), to assess the response to COVID-19 from January 2020 through August 2021 and document those findings in a Mid Action Report (MAR). The purpose of the MAR is to provide an account of how PCPHA responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. To accomplish that goal, the report seeks to outline key elements of the response that went well and areas of the response that remain as areas for future improvement. The report also includes detailed recommendations for potential implementation by PCPHA and relevant county departments moving forward within the COVID-19 response and beyond, given that necessary resources (e.g., personnel, monetary, etc.) are available. 

The report is available by clicking here.