Flood Preparedness


Sand and Sandbags

Plumas County is providing sand and sandbags; however, their accessibility may be limited and we are working to uncover all sand piles and provide additional sand. These sand and bags are for public self-service, you must bring a shovel. For more flood information, you can visit the OES Flood Preparedness page


Quincy area: Feather River College baseball parking lot 

Chester/Lake Almanor area: Chester Fire Station or Peninsula Fire Station 

Eastern Plumas County: Portola City Public Works building (Main Street) Sandbags are limited, we are working to deliver more. 

Indian Valley: Indian Valley Fire Station (located south of Greenville on Hwy 89) 


Listen to your local radio station~
KQNY 91.9
KJDX 93.3 or 92.7 (Quincy/Central Plumas County) or 104.1 (Eastern Plumas County)
KTOR 99.7
KKOH 790
KNLF 95.9
KBNF 98.9

Check Plumas News often for flooding updates~
Plumas News Online

Online Resources:
Be Ready Campaign
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
American Red CrossFlooding