Encroachment & Transportation Permits

In accordance with State Law, County Ordinance, and the policies of the Board of Supervisors, the Public Works Department issues transportation permits for over-size load vehicles and encroachment permits for any act or encroachment placed in a County-maintained road or special events that make use of County road rights of way.

Encroachment Permits

Plumas County requires a permit for all work performed in the County right of way. We issue permits for above-ground structures, such as fences, power poles, curbs & gutters, sidewalks, drive approaches, and private road approaches. We also issue permits for subsurface utility encroachments. The Public Works Department must be notified 24 hours prior to the start of any work. The County has specific requirements for each different type of permit.

Encroachment Permit Application (PDF)

The Encroachment Form is a fillable PDF document that may be filled out, printed, mailed, faxed, or delivered to the Roads Department. Submit detailed plans with the application.

Encroachment Permit ApplicationApplication Fee
Residential Driveway$132.67
Commercial Driveway$172.40
Utility Connection$122.83
Major Utility Project$500 Deposit billed at $79.47/hour
Tree Removal$132.67
Special EventNo Fee
Other $79.47/hour + Vehicle Rate of $19.67/hour

Special Events

Permits are issued for various events, such as car shows, rallies, and celebrations. Plumas County Department of Public Works Stipulations for Bicycle, Walking, & Footrace Events:

  1. The applicant will submit the following to the Department of Public Works:
    • Letter from the California Highway Patrol, Quincy Office, acknowledging notification of the event and listing CHP stipulations, if any.
    • Letter from Plumas County Sheriff's Department, Quincy Office, similar to "a" above. 
    • Certificate of Insurance listing the County of Plumas as co-insured in the amount of $1 million, minimum. Please have your insurer attach a note to the policy naming this specific event.
    • Three copies of a map of the proposed route, showing start and finish lines, the direction of travel, turns, and aid stations.
    • Description of the type of material to be used for pavement markings.
    • Completed Plumas County Encroachment Permit Application.
  2. Participants in this event will be required to obey all State and local traffic laws, including, but not limited to speed limits, direction of travel on streets and roads, turning movements, and stop signs.

Transportation Permits

Transportation Permits are required for any extra-legal loads that want to travel on Plumas County roads.

Permit TypeApplication Fee
Blanket Transportation Permit Application (PDF)$14.65
Single Trip - Transportation Permit Application (PDF)$29.31

Extra-legal loads

Loads that exceed any of the following:

  • Legal Height – up to 14'00
  • Legal Width – up to 8'06" (102")
  • Legal Length
    • Single vehicle up to 40"00
    • 65"00 with trailer
  • Legal Weight
    • 32,000 lbs per axle group
    • 34,000 per axle group on certain legal long trailers

Special provisions

  • Pilot cars
    • One needed for 8'06" to 9'11" wide
    • Two needed for 10'00 or wider
  • CHP escort
    • Required for 14'00 or wider loads (16'01 on certain roads listed)
  • Moving not authorized:
    • On weekends
    • On holidays
    • After dark

Additional information

  • Allow 24 hours for permit processing
  • Phone number- (530) 283-6268
  • Fax number- (530) 283-6323