HIPAA Information


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that establishes uniform protections across the country for healthcare consumers. HIPAA does not diminish any additional protections that State Laws or other Federal Regulations may provide. 

The goals of HIPAA include: protecting the privacy of a patient's health information; ensuring the security of medical information; reducing costs and improving efficiency by standardizing the "language" used by the healthcare industry when enrolling individuals in health plans or paying for health care; and protecting an individual's right to access their health information. 

Due to its organizational structure, Plumas County has been identified as a hybrid entity, the County must identify which Agencies or Departments deal with protected health information and designate them as covered components. These covered components must comply with HIPAA regulations. 

HIPAA regulation requires covered entities to provide a Notice of Privacy Practices to all clients and appoint a Privacy Officer to receive complaints or questions related to HIPAA.

California Center for Data Insights and Innovation

The Offical Text of the Combined HIPAA Rules