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February/March 2023 Winter Storm Damage Questionnaire

  1. Please share your property damage information in the following form.  This list will be maintained to track damages caused by extreme weather conditions within Plumas County during the months of February and March.  If FEMA determines that Plumas County meets the threshold for Individual Assistance (at least 25 structures with 40% or more verified damages), Plumas County residents may qualify for Individual Assistance through Cal OES/FEMA. 

    Documentation recommendations: maintain records of all insurance claims, contractor invoices, correspondence, and pre and post-damage photos (date and location stamped if possible).

  2. The information we will pass on to the State will be the estimated grand total of damages. No other information will be passed on. 

    Completing the form does not guarantee the region or the property owner will be eligible to receive disaster assistance.

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