Assessment Reviews/Appeals

Review & Appeal Filing Dates

Type of Filing
Tax Year ApplicableFiling Dates Applicable 
Request for assessment reviewCurrent/next tax yearJanuary 1 - December 31
Supplemental assessments/roll revisionsCurrent/prior tax year(s)60 days from the mailing date of notice
of supplemental assessment or revision
Assessment appealCurrent tax yearJuly 2 - November 30

Assessment Reviews

If you disagree with the taxable value of your property, you may request a review of your assessment. All original data used to assess your property and any additional information provided by you will be reviewed by the assessor to determine if the assessed value should be changed. Requests for assessment reviews must be submitted to the Assessor's Office at:

          1 Crescent Street
          Quincy, CA 95971

If the review of your property assessment is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may have the opportunity to file an assessment appeal.

Assessment Appeals

Differences over the valuation of the property may be handled by the Assessment Appeals Board (AAB). The AAB considers all evidence presented by the property owner and the assessor at a formal hearing. After hearing evidence, the AAB then establishes the value of the property in question.

Assessment appeals must be filed with the Plumas County clerk of the Board of Equalization at:
          520 Main Street
          Room 309
          Quincy, CA 95971

For More Information

If you have questions about filing an assessment appeal or would like an application, please view our answers to frequently asked questions below or contact the county clerk of the Board of Equalization at (530) 283-6170.

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