Pesticide Use Records and Reporting

Pesticide use records must be maintained and reported to the Plumas-Sierra Counties Agricultural Commissioner’s office by the following:

  • Property operators producing an agricultural commodity
  • Landscape maintenance gardener pest control businesses, agricultural pest control businesses performing residential work, and structural pest control businesses.
  • Public agencies, pest control businesses, and property owners who apply pesticides for agricultural use other than for the production of an agricultural commodity. Also, uses on golf courses, parks, rights of way, cemeteries, forests, ditches, fence lines, etc. must be reported. 
  • Persons who use restricted materials for uses other than the production of an agricultural commodity.
  • Persons who use a pesticide for industrial post-harvest commodity treatments. 
  • Persons who use a Ground Water Protection pesticide listed in the California Code of Regulations, Section 6800 (b) for any outdoor institutional or industrial use. 
  • Licensed pest control businesses during months when there was no pest control work performed (i.e. Negative Use Reports).

Exempt Products

Certain products are exempt from pesticide use reporting requirements but their use must still be maintained in use records. See 3CCR 6147 for exempt products.

Additional Reporting Requirements:

Agricultural Pest Control Operators performing work for hire and using pesticides in the Production of Agricultural Commodities:

Pesticide use must be reported within 7 days. Once registered, you must submit a use report every month. A Negative Use Report is required by all licensed pest control businesses for those months during which no pest control work is performed.

Structural Pest Control Operators:

Structural pest control operators shall submit a monthly pesticide use report with a Structural Pest Control Board stamp by the 10th day of the month following the month of application. A Negative Use Report is required each month that no pest control is performed. Negative Use Reports do not require a Structural Pest Control Board Stamp.

All Others:

All other pesticide use must be submitted by the 10th day of the month following the month in which the work was performed.

Pesticides Used at School Sites and Child Dare Care Facilities

If you apply pesticides for hire at a school site and are required to maintain pesticide use records under 3CCR 6624, you must report pesticides to the State at least annually. Visit our Healthy Schools Act page for more information.

Online Pesticide Use Reporting and Notices of Intent

CalAgPermits is Plumas-Sierra Counties Online Pesticide Use Reporting System


As a CalAgPermits Web User, you will be able to view information about your permit, review historical data related to your Pesticide Use Reports (PURs), and submit PURs and Notices of Intent (NOIs) online directly to the Plumas-Sierra County Agricultural Commissioner's Office. You will also be able to access and use the complete Public User's Guide which provides more detailed information about this application and how to use it. In the meantime, the following handouts will offer a quick and easy introduction to help you navigate through the system.

To obtain a USERNAME and PASSWORD, please contact the Plumas-Sierra Counties Department of Agriculture's main office at 530-283-6365 or by e-mail. Someone will be in touch with you soon with login information.

Instruction guides:

Logging in to your account (PDF)

Navigating the home page (PDF)

Production Agriculture Pesticide Use Report (PUR) (PDF)

Monthly Summary Pesticide Use Report (PDF)

Notice of Intent (NOI) (PDF)

Navigating the PUR/NOI list (PDF)

Visit CalAgPermits to view your pesticide permit information and site maps, or to submit your pesticide use reports electronically. If you have not yet been issued a username and password, please contact our office at (530) 283-6365.