Request for Funding/Reimbursement

When a person, group, or organization requests funding under $1,000 that the Commission approves, these are the options for payment:

  1. Submit an invoice (original preferred) for the previously purchased item, with proof of payment; the County will reimburse you. If the Commission approves $999 and the total is more than that with tax (whether charged or not), the party will receive only $999.
  2. An original invoice can be submitted for a new purchase. The County will send the check to the vendor to purchase the item that the Commission approved. They will send no more than $999, so if the total is more than that with shipping/tax, the party requesting payment will have to provide that amount to the vendor.

The current timeline for the above is generally two weeks; however, the Auditor’s Office is short-staffed, so it may take a bit longer.

When requesting to purchase and/or reimburse for over $1,000:

  1. The BOS meets the first three Tuesdays of each month. A request to be put on their Agenda can take a few of weeks. Backup material must be submitted at the same time as the request. Backup material includes a copy of the minutes where the Commission approves the expenditure, the original invoice, and a claim to go to the Auditor requesting payment. (The claim and invoice will be transmitted to the Auditor by the BOS Secretary after approval.)
  2. Generally, these requests are placed on the Consent Agenda, however, that is ultimately decided by the Board. When the matter is placed on the Consent Agenda, no one needs to appear. If the BOS feels they need to discuss the matter, the Clerk will contact me to let me know that the item will be heard during the regular session. I will contact the Chair so that he can make arrangements for a commissioner to appear.
  3. When the matter is approved, an approved claim will be submitted to the Auditor for payment. The timeline can be as much as two months from the time the request is made until the payment is made.

Please confirm the address of the party that is to receive payment.