Hazard Trees

Who Qualifies for Hazard Tree Removal?

A hazard tree is one that can fall into a public road, right of way, or public property but there are a few exceptions as to who qualifies. 

-The public road must be part of the county’s-maintained road system to qualify

-  Property adjacent to National Forest lands or National Forest roads does not qualify  

If you have any questions about qualifying hazard trees, please contact Plumas County Public Works at 530-283-6268.

Hazard Tree Process:

First, a Registered Professional Forester or Certified Arborist will assess whether there are qualifying hazard trees on the property.  

If there are hazard trees, they will be marked for removal with blue dots at chest height and a barcode at the base of the tree.  Next, the marked trees will be felled and removed.   

Finally, state crews will perform a final inspection to ensure all the work has been completed.  At this point, the process for returning the property back to the owner is the same as for structural debris.   State Debris Removal Task Force personnel will contact county Debris Removal staff who will, in turn, notify the property owner. 

Additional Resources for Hazard Trees:

-A Closer Look at the Hazard Tree Removal


-Plumas County Public Works: 530-283-6268

-Debris Removal Tracking through CAL OES and CAL Recycle


-CAL OES Debris Removal: 855-596-5734

Other Tree Removal Resources

Private Landowner Assistance with Forest Restoration Post Wildfire

The Feather River Resource Conservation District is leading an effort, with other local partners, to provide no-cost technical assistance for landowners regarding fire recovery, erosion control, fuels reduction, timber stand improvement, and other resource interests and concerns. 

Over $10.5 million dollars has been secured from CAL FIRE and the US Forest Service for this effort in response to the need to implement post-wildfire restoration activities for affected private non-industrial landowners with “non-hazard trees” or dead and dying trees interior to their property. The primary objectives are to provide rapid assessments, secure permitting, and create an implementation plan for removal and restoration. 

If interested, please fill out the “Landowner Assistance Form” at the following link to be contacted (scroll down to the bottom of the webpage):


For questions please contact Michael Hall, District Manager, Feather River Resource Conservation District at 530.927.5299 ext. 104 or mhall@frrcd.org