Recreational Health

Public Pools and Spas

The purpose of our recreational health program is to ensure the safe and sanitary operation of public swimming facilities, as well as to prevent the possible transmission of diseases and illnesses at all recreational facilities. By monitoring the quality of our recreational waters, we can keep the public informed if these waters pose a threat to public health.

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What are Public Pools and Spas?

A pool or spa is considered "public" when operated for the use of the general public with or without charge or for the use of the members and guests of a private club, including any swimming pool located on the grounds of a hotel, motel, inn, an apartment complex, or any residential setting other than a single-family home. It does not include individual therapeutic tubs or baths where the main purpose is the cleaning of the body. Section 3102B CA Building Code 2013.

Why Inspect?

Swimming pools are a great source of fun and exercise, but they can also be a source of diseases like Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and Pseudomonas and injuries such as slips, falls, accidental entrapment, and drowning, if not properly monitored. To ensure that all public pools and spas throughout Plumas County comply with State and Local health and safety codes, Environmental Health Specialists conduct annual inspections. The inspections consist of an evaluation of water quality and recirculation equipment. Inspections also include a verification that required safety equipment, signs, fences, and gates are provided and maintained.

New Construction and Remodels

Environmental Health is responsible for the review and approval of plans for both new construction and remodeling of existing public pools, spas, spray grounds, and water park features. Plans must be reviewed to ensure that equipment is appropriately sized and designed to maintain safe and healthy recreational water, free of hazards.  For construction or remodeling of a public pool, spa, spray ground, or water park please contact Environmental Health at (530) 283-6355.  A guide for the construction of public pools can be found here.

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Complaints and reports of illness related to public pools and spas are also investigated as part of this program. To file a complaint or concern, please contact Environmental Health at (530) 283-6355.

Recreational Health Forms & Guides

Application for Permit to Operate a Pool or Spa/Hot Tub (PDF)

Guide for Construction of Public Pools (PDF)

Fecal Incident Response Recommendations (PDF)

Public Pool/Spa Anti-Entrapment Devices & Systems (PDF)

Compliance Form (PDF) (Anti-Entrapment devices & systems)

California Public Swimming Pool Requirements

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Act (PDF)

Health and Safety Code Sections 116025 - 116068 (PDF)

Health and Safety Code Sections 116064.1 - 116064.2 (PDF)

Title 22, Chapter 20, Sections 65501-65551 (PDF)

Title 24, Chapter 31B, Sections 3101B - 3162