Gansner Park Pathway


The State of California Resource Agency, through the California River Parkways Grant Program, has provided grant funds for the construction of a non-motorized pathway from Gansner Park running parallel to Spanish Creek for approximately 2300 feet, ending at new parking facilities to be constructed along Beskeen Lane.

The new pathway will include a 300-foot spur pathway to provide access from the main pathway to existing restroom faculties in Gansner Park. The pathway will also include a universal access fishing overlook platform near the terminus of the river parkway and interpretive signage displays along the pathway.

Present Project Status

Plumas County Public Works has completed the pathway and parking portions of the project.

Pathway construction photos are available here: Gansner Pathway Photo Gallery

Future Project Work

Plumas County Public Works will be working on the construction of the fishing overlook platform as well as the placement of some nature interpretative signs along the pathway in the coming months.

In addition, Public Works will be reviewing adding some possible additional improvements for the pathway such as benches and doggie bag dispensers along the pathway.