Adult Division

Supervision Overview

The primary responsibility of probation officers working with adults is to protect the community by providing services to the courts, defendants, and the community. Probationers under probation supervision are appropriately supervised and assisted to become law-abiding, productive individuals. Supervision may be intensive for offenders whose behavior poses a potential threat to public safety or medium to low for those whose offenses are determined to be less of a risk to the community.

Probation officers monitor probationers that have been convicted of felony and/or misdemeanor crimes. Officers may conduct random home and employment visits to monitor compliance with court and probation orders, which could include alcohol and drug tests when appropriate.

Pre-Sentence Investigations and Reports

Probation officers assist the court in collecting relevant information surrounding the offense, the defendant's social and criminal history, the impact on the victim(s), and mitigating and aggravating circumstances. The probation officer provides the court pre-sentence reports including sentencing recommendations based on California statutes and case law. These reports assist the judge in making his/her sentencing decision.

Court Officers

Court officers appear in court to represent the Probation Department on probation and sentencing-related matters. Officers present probation reports and recommendations; provide input to the court for clarification; record court orders, instructions, and/or comments from the court; and act as liaisons between probation and the court. Officers are expected to be knowledgeable of California statutes, sentencing laws, and custody time credits.