Solid Waste Replacement Franchise Contracts

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors has decided to replace the County's contracts with its two solid waste franchise contractors, Feather River Disposal and InterMountain Disposal. The existing FRD contract and the existing IMD contract are both 16 years old and will be substituted with documents containing more specific language regarding the operation of the solid waste program as it now exists. This effort has value to the rate-payers of Plumas County: a better definition of the services provided by each contractor and the initiation of a more understandable rate-setting and modification process. The County's overall goal is the establishment of a more modern and efficient approach to solid waste disposal.

To provide transparency in the process of formulating these new contracts, the Plumas County Department of Public Works Solid Waste staff will be posting working copies of the proposed new contracts the proposed FRD contract, and the proposed IMD contract on its website, as well as links to the existing franchise contracts.

The Solid Waste Division of the Department of Public Works in collaboration with the Plumas County Board of Supervisors- has developed a Public Involvement Program page to involve the general public in the negotiation process of the Replacement Solid Waste Franchise Contracts. As the contracts are modified, links to the updated copies will be periodically posted on the Solid Waste Franchise Contracts and History page. Interested county residents are encouraged to read the proposed contracts and go to the Public Involvement Program page.

The Public Works Public Involvement Program page will be devoted to the contract negotiation activities, such that interested members of the general public can interact with the stakeholders of the draft replacement franchise contracts through the Solid Waste Division, as the draft contracts are being edited and revised.