How do I appeal a current assessment?
You must file an application for reduced assessment between July 2 through November 30, inclusive, of the current fiscal year. The following are exceptions:
  • If the notice described in Section 619 is not received within 15 days prior to November 30, within 60 days from either the day you received the notice or the day of the mailing of the tax bill, whichever is earlier, along with an affidavit declaring that the notice was not received timely
  • Within 12 months following the month of notification of the assessment, if you and the assessor agree that there was an error in the exercise of the assessor’s judgment in determining the full cash value of the property and a written stipulation is filed according to Section 1607
We always encourage you to contact our office at (530) 283-6380 for a review of your assessment prior to filing a formal appeal.

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