Red Clover Creek/Poco Creek Restoration Project

The Plumas County Public Works Department is involved in the Red Clover Creek/Poco Creek watershed project by making road improvements in the area of the restoration project.

The Plumas Corporation Feather River Coordinated Resource Management (FRCRM) are working with Public Works to accomplish the project. FRCRM is reimbursing Public Works for its contribution of county manpower and equipment up to $175,000 in Proposition 13 grant monies.

rd work 1

The road improvement work will consist of minor grading and shaping of approximately 8,000 lineal feet of existing roadway in the Red Clover Valley.

rd work 2

Grading and shaping within and adjacent to the stream restoration site is being done by first placing 2-6" of subbase.on the existing dirt roadway.

rd work 3

After the placement and working of the subbase, 4-6" of aggregate base is placed and graded for the riding surface.