Alternative Fire Debris Removal Program

Updated Cleanup Goals for Soil Unit Q

Alternate Program Addendum for Soil Unit Q

Pumas Cleanup Goals for Soil Unit Q

March 14, 2022 DTSC memo

Debris Removal

Alternative (Private) Debris Removal Program - Beckwourth Complex and Dixie Fires

2021 Norcal Fires Background Cleanup Goals 12/1/2021

Debris Removal Options

For inquiries and concerns, please call (530) 283-7080 or email

Precautions for Re-Entry and Debris Removal 

Health and Safety Precautions for Re-Entry and Debris Removal After Fire, please see this document from Plumas County Environmental Health on how to safely return home and begin to remove debris after the fire. 

Property owners should not commence cleanup of their destroyed structures until approved to do so by Plumas County. Beginning cleanup on your own may preclude you from future government assistance. For more information, see the Hazardous Area - Enter at Your Own Risk sign. 

Online Structure Damage Map

Cal Fire has released a map of properties damaged and destroyed by the Dixie Fire within Plumas County. View the Online Structure Damage Map. 

This process is NOT complete and is ongoing. Please do NOT call the Sheriff's Office for additional information. This is a preliminary assessment and the efforts are ongoing, please continue to check back here for additional information. F

Field damage inspection is still ongoing. The icons on the map indicate the current known status of the structure. The map will be updated every date at 9 AM to reflect the validated collection points from the day prior. 


Dept. of Toxic Substances Control's Emergency Response Program is assessing and removing household hazardous waste and easily identifiable pieces of asbestos from homes and other structures destroyed in the incidents shown in the upper panel.

The dashboard lists total number of parcels impacted by the fire, number of parcels completed today, and number of parcels completed to-date. When the assessment and removal are completed on each parcel, the color will change to green. Green color indicates there is no follow-up necessary by DTSC HazMat crews for Phase 1.

Drone Map

Imagery was collected at the request of the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office drone teams. The goal of these collections is a rapid visualization of the damage and is not a complete assessment of all Dixie fire damage. Please refer to the CAL FIRE Damage Assessment map for further inventory.

Instructions: Watch the video tutorial for a short training. The site consists of maps, videos, 360 panoramas and additional information layers (upper right stacked icon). It is recommended to view from a  computer and not mobile devices.  

Dixie Fire Drone Map Link

Skysat satellite imagery from Aug 21 2021 is provided courtesy of Planet

Drone maps were processed using ESRI's Site Scan for ArcGIS. 

Survae provided support with ground-based video visualization.

GIS visualization and web mapping provided by GeoAcuity. Technical questions can be addressed to