Dixie Fire (Library)

This page is split between information related to the Library in relation to the Dixie Fire and general resources and help for Dixie Fire Survivors (including information on financial assistance, donations, etc.)  

Library Information

We have individual chargers, wall/car ports, and 3-in-1 cords for evacuees available at the Library Branches, just ask the front desk.  These and other items have been delivered to the Quincy, Portola, and Lassen shelters, and are available at the Local Assistance Centers and Disaster Recovery Centers. T-Mobile has been incredibly generous in offering these items to us to pass out to evacuees, and we cannot thank them enough. 

Branch Information

As of Thurs Aug 19 2021, the Quincy, Chester, and Portola Library branches are open.  

The Greenville Branch was unfortunately destroyed in the fire. We will share plans as the community moves forward.


Free Books & Other Items -  

  • We have activity bags available at Quincy and Portola Branches - these are bags with fiction books, activity books (while supplies last; we are getting more), markers or color pencils, and activity sheets. We have them divided by age groups and cover babies to adults. Available at the front desk.
  • Barn Owl Books have provided free books (including large print!) and audiobooks to evacuees and first responders for free. They are on display by the catalog computer at Quincy Library.
  • All continuing book sales hosted by Friends groups at each Branch are offering evacuees and first responders their items for free.
  • We are passing out free individual chargers, car and wall ports, and 3-in-1 cords to evacuees. They are available at all three Branches.

WiFi, Computers, Printing and Other Services

WiFi is available 24/7 at each location. We have added public computers and laptops to the Quincy Branch for your use. You can also borrow one and use our meeting room so you can contact your loved ones in privacy. We can waive fees for printing any items related to the fire.  (We have vouchers handed out but you do not need a voucher to get free printing.) If you need something copied or scanned, ask the front desk.

Tenemos WiFi en cada ubicación, cada día de la semana, por 24 horas. También estamos ofreciendo computadoras públicas y laptops en la biblioteca de Quincy. Además, pueden prestar el cuarto de juntas para contactar a sus seres queridos en privado. Estamos renunciando las tarifas de impresión de cualquier artículo relacionado con el incendio. (Tenemos cupones distribuidos, pero no necesita un cupón para obtener una impresión gratis.) Si necesita algo copiado o escaneado, pregunte en la recepción.

Library Cards

If you already have a library card, you can call in with your name and birth date and we can provide you with your account number.  

If you do not have a library card, you can call in and we can quickly create an online only (digital) account for you so you can access our resources from wherever you are evacuated to.  

Call Quincy at 530-283-6310 or email pclibq@psln.com. 

Checked Out Items

At the moment, all items checked out between July 6 and Aug 4 have gotten extended due dates to Jan 15 for Greenville patrons, until we can get accounts cleared out so your cards won't be blocked. If you are still being blocked, please call or email Quincy at 530-283-6310 or pclibq@psln.com so we can waive fines and you can still access resources with your card. 

Donations for Greenville Library Services

The Library is currently not taking any book donations.

Our lovely County Library & Friends Group neighbors in El Dorado created a GoFundMe page for our Library specifically.

Monetary donations for the library can be mailed to Quincy Library at 445 Jackson St. Quincy CA 95971 or brought to the Front Desk. (Please make checks payable to Plumas County Library; please put Greenville Donation on the memo line.)  

Monetary donations can also be directed to the Quincy Friends of the Library, who are running the Greenville funds.  They can be mailed to 445 Jackson St. Quincy CA 95971 or brought to the Front Desk. (Please make checks payable to Quincy Friends of the Library; please put Greenville Donation on the memo line.)  


Last Updated Jan 11 2022 at 12:30pm

As of December 2021, this page will no longer be updated with local fundraisers and giveaways. Suggested Facebook groups to follow to be informed about fundraisers, giveaways, and other events related to the Dixie Fire: Rebuilding Greenville & The Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center & Dixie, Caldor, Beckwourth,Colfax Fires🔥Help, Adoption, Resource & Aide & Plumas County Dixie Fire Evacuation Needs.  This growing google doc offers items, shelter, etc to those in need from the fires. This is a growing list of events for the Dixie Fire.

The following is to supplement the County Website's resources and falls into the following categories: General Resource Lists  |  Post-Fire, Lost Items |  Homeowners & Landowners | Livestock & Ranchers | Unemployment | Financial Assistance | Housing Help | Legal Assistance | Pets | Distribution Centers - Food, Supplies, etc | Mental & Physical Health | Donations | Scam Alerts  

  • General Resource Lists

  • Post-Fire, Lost Items

  • Homeowners & Landowners

  • Livestock & Ranchers 

  • Unemployment

  • Financial Assistance 

    • Plumas Rural Services (PRS) is receiving and administering Dixie Fire donations, which will provide $500 per household in the form of a prepaid credit card for Greenville residents who have lost their homes. Applications may be downloaded from the agency’s website or filled out at PRS’s main office at 711 E. Main Street in Quincy.  Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis until the GoFundMe campaign donations are exhausted. Recipients will be required to provide identification and the address of their lost home to verify eligibility. For more information go to www.plumasruralservices.org or call 530-283-2735. They are also assisting people in applying for financial aid from other organizations.
    • Plumas County Office of Education is now accepting applications for relief fund grants for students, staff, and families of all public, private, and charter schools within the county. The office continues to receive donated funds, which will be disbursed to qualifying individuals as funds allow. The maximum amount will be $500 per application, with reapplication available every 14 days. The actual amount distributed per individual will depend upon the number of applications and funds available at the time. To apply, please complete the online application or visit your local school facility office to submit a paper form. Please send any questions to Brandy Gray at bgray@pcoe.k12.ca.us.
    • Plumas County veterans who are in need of assistance can contact Scott Quade at 863-9599 or Richard Dolezal at 283-5515.
    • Find assistance with the American Red Cross - financial assistance to individuals whose homes were destroyed (though individuals who received significant structural damage may also be eligible for partial assistance) or who need immediate assistance with things like medication replacement and glasses replacement can sign up at 855-755-7711 (Mon-Sat, 8am-8pm.) Proof of fire-impacted address and ID will be required for financial assistance and only one application is accepted per address. 
    • California Teachers Association (CTA) Disaster Relief Fund Grant provides financial assistance to CTA members who have experienced significant losses due to disasters in California. Apply on their website
    • United Way of Northern California is offering up to $500 per household that has sustained 50% or more damage. The residence must be your primary residence. Applications may take up to 3 weeks to process. In order to process your application, a copy of your ID or other proof of your impacted address is required. Apply Online
    • The Rotary District 5190 is offering aide to victims of the Fire. See their website for more information and their application.
    • Bread for the Journey—a Plumas County non-profit organization designed to help small ventures on their feet—has small micro grants available for Plumas County residents to apply for. See their website https://www.bfjfeatherriver.org/ for more details. 
  • Housing Help 

  • Legal Assistance 

  • Pets 

    • Linked is a guide for preparing for evacuation with animals
    • The Facebook group Cowboy 911 is a worldwide group of people who pledge to offer assistance to others with livestock and pets in emergency situations. 
    • Local places such as the Plumas County Animal Shelter (201 N Mill Creek Rd in Quincy; (530) 283-3673) and Pet Country Feed'N'Tack (362 Crescent St in Quincy; (530) 283-9605 ) offered free food and supplies to Fire Victims at various points. 
    • The Lost & Found section of CareCliq is trying to reunite evacuees with their lost animals. Plumas County Animal Services also posts about found/missing Dixie Fire animals on their Facebook. This Facebook group is also providing info about lost animals. 
    • Christi Hazleton and her family were using the ranch on N Valley Road in Greenville as a place to house evacuated, abandoned, and rescued animals. If you or someone you know is in need of a safe haven for your animals while evacuated, or in need of a rehoming, or have rescued an animal you found wandering, etc, please feel free to contact her to arrange something. (This offer is for free, but food and tack would be helpful.)   (Facebook, 10/1/21)
  • Distribution Centers - Food, Supplies, etc

    • Food Banks/Food Pantries
      • This link provides a list of donations centers, food options, and more outside of Plumas County, including in Paradise, Chico, Susanville, and Sparks, from Friday August 20 - Friday Dec 31. 
      • Almanor Basin Food Pantry is offering free food distribution in Chester at 386 Main St.  You can contact 916-390-7583 for more information or check out the distribution date schedule on their Facebook
      • Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano offers food to anyone in need from 10am-12pm on the first and third Fridays of each month at the Faith Lutheran Church, 667 East 1st Avenue, Chico. Participants will be asked if they are survivors of any of the recent disasters but no ID is required and anyone in need will be provided food. Distributions are held in a drive thru format, but walk ups are accepted. Participants are asked not to arrive before 9:30 am.
      • The Faith Lutheran Church (667 E.1st Ave, Chico CA) will be having food distribution on Friday Dec 3, Dec 17, Jan 7, and Jan 21 from 10am-12pm. (Facebook, 10/18/21)

      • The Community Assistance Network on 176 Lawrence Street in Quincy (at the Saint Johns's Catholic Church) offers groceries on Mon, Wed, & Fri from 10am-12pm and Tues & Thurs from 2pm-4pm.  (Plumas News, 9/7/21)

      • The Southside Oroville Community Center (2959 Lower Wyandotte Road, Oroville, CA 95966) has food distributions the first Wednesday of every month from 11am-2:30pm (or until they run out).  (Facebook, 8/31/21)

    • Distribution Centers - please contact in advance to make sure supplies are still provided and the dates/times they are open, as well as any restrictions or requirements (such as ID) that is needed

      • The Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center (in Greenville)
      • Grange Hall (in Quincy) 
      • Tiny Pine Foundation 
      • Oroville Hope Center (2620 5th Avenue, Oroville) 
      • Paradise Hope Center (311 Circlewood Drive, Paradise)
      • Magalia Community Church Resource Center (13700 Skyway, Magalia) 
      • The Greenville Southern Baptist Church 
      • Sacramento County free clothing closets, school supplies, and furniture programs. More information can be found at this website
      • The Chester Wellness and Family Resource Center (372 Main Street in Chester) 
      • Gigi's Market (in Greenville) often has events/giveaways
      • You can usually get $25 worth of gas per family at Fuel Good Gas Station (in Westwood) and at 76 Gas Station (in Chester) on Saturdays and free propane on either Saturdays or Sundays. Specific times vary and it may not be every weekend. 
      • If you're a fire survivor Bargain Boutique (in Quincy) is offering what items they have to you free of charge. (Facebook, 10/30/21) 
      • Quincy Thrifty & Co has a large inventory on in-store goods (available Wed-Sat, 11am-4pm) and are offering pickups/deliveries on Mon/Tues - just call or text for more details. (530) 283-1762 (business), (530) 927-8279 (cell), or email traciannturner@yahoo.com. (Facebook, 11/2/21)
  • Mental & Physical Health 

  • Donations 

    • Library - Thank you for your support!
      • We are slowly taking book donations. Please contact Lindsay at 530-283-6310 in advance for large amounts.
      • Our lovely County Library & Friends Group neighbors in El Dorado created a GoFundMe page for our Library specifically.
      • Monetary donations for the library can be mailed to Quincy Library at 445 Jackson St. Quincy CA 95971 or brought to the Front Desk. (Please make checks payable to Plumas County Library; please put Greenville Donation on the memo line.)  
      • Monetary donations can also be directed to the Quincy Friends of the Library, who are running the Greenville funds.  They can be mailed to Quincy Library at 445 Jackson St. Quincy CA 95971 or brought to the Front Desk. (Please make checks payable to Quincy Friends of the Library; please put Greenville Donation on the memo line.)  
    • Donating Items to Dixie Fire Survivors - General 
    • Donating Items/Time to Dixie Fire Survivors - Specific 
      • Mimi and friends are making beanies for winter warmth to distribute to Dixie Fire survivors. Please mail completed beanies to: Mimi’s Momentary Bliss 101 W. American Canyon Rd STE 508-203 American Canyon, CA 94503. (Facebook, 8/31/21)
      • If you are in Indian Valley and can help do deliveries or if you need a delivery to a donation site please give the on site manager Rick a call at (530) 816-9079.  (Facebook)
      • The Facebook group Greeting Cards for People Who Need Something Positive Sent Their Way! create cards to send to Fire survivors.
      • Places like the Greenville Resource Center can use volunteers.
    • Donating Money to Dixie Fire Survivors 
      • Plumas Rural Services (PRS) - Supporters looking to send donations to victims in addition to those covered by the GoFundMe campaign can send monetary donations to Plumas Rural Services, Attn: Dixie Fire Victims, 711 E. Main Street, Quincy, CA 95971. All proceeds received by PRS via both methods will go directly to victims of the Dixie Fire.
      • Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center - this is set up through Plumas Bank; to donate, reach out to your branch of Plumas Bank and simply request to make a donation to the Dixie Fire Relief Fund, or mail it to PCIRC c/o Ohana House  at PO Box 3005, Quincy, CA 95971 earmarked for this fund. You can also donated directly through their website by clicking this link.       
      • The Almanor Foundation Wildfire Relief Fund.  
      • Dixie Fire-Help Indian Valley Community - GoFundMe created by Miranda Hald and Michelle Clement (Plumas News)
      • The Common Good Community Foundation, has established a matching fund to assist all local communities impacted by the Dixie Fire.  All donations will be distributed to Plumas County agencies involved in directly assisting communities and individuals most affected by the fire. Donations are tax deductible and can be made via the foundation’s website at commongoodplumas.org or by mailing donations to: The Common Good Community Foundation  Dixie Fire Matching Fund  364 Johnsville Road, Graeagle, CA 96103. Cash or check donations can also be dropped off from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday at The Lost Sierra Chamber & Visitor Center 8989 Highway 89, Suites 2 & 3 Blairsden, CA 96103. 
      • Plumas County Office of Education (PCOE) will be accepting donations to support all students, staff, and families of all public, private, and charter schools within our county.  Gifts may be directed to specific support, schools, or initiatives. While all donations are greatly appreciated, displaced families may have needs such as gas, or food, rather than items that may be difficult to transport or that may take up additional space in shelters and/or motel rooms.  Directed monetary or gift card donations may be sent to PCOE attn: Dixie Fire Donations, 50 Church Street, Quincy, CA 95971. Please do not send cash, and remember to include your name and mailing address, so that we may provide a letter for tax deduction purposes.  General donations to support students, staff, and families of all public, private, and charter schools within our county may also be made online via the PCOE Dixie Fire Relief Fund.   (Plumas News)
      • A local resident has organized a Dixie Fire Relief Facebook group for members to share their links or those of other community members who have been impacted. The "Adopt A Dixie Fire Family" group is for families and people that are from Greenville, Canyon Dam, Indian Valley, Janesville and other surrounding areas that have lost their homes in the Dixie Fire.
      • Individual victims and families are setting up GoFundMe pages too. To prevent falling for scams, they are being vetted and campaigns are putting up on the Sierra Institute site (which also cuts the GoFundMe service fees) and the Dixie Fire Relief site.  (Plumas News)
      • If you would like to support veterinarian and surgery costs, please consider making a monetary donation to the GoFundMe set up by a veterinarian working with Plumas County Animal Services.  (Plumas News; 8/20/21)
  • Scam Alerts