RFI - Juvenile Programming



The Plumas County Probation Department


RFI Purpose

The County of Plumas Probation Department (County) is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to determine the extent of interest from qualified local partners in providing evidence-based juvenile program and services.  This is a Request for Information (RFI) only.  This RFI does not commit the County to contract for any supply or service.  The County will not pay for any information or administrative cost incurred in response to this RFI.


RFI Background

Government Code Section 30061(b)(4)(A) The multiagency juvenile justice plan shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following components:  (i) An assessment of existing law enforcement, probation, education, mental health, health, social services, drug and alcohol, and youth services resources that specifically target at-risk juveniles, juvenile offenders, and their families.  (ii) An identification and prioritization of the neighborhoods, schools, and other areas in the community that face a significant public safety risk from juvenile crime, such as gang activity, daylight burglary, late-night robbery, vandalism, truancy, controlled substances sales, firearm-related violence, and juvenile substance abuse and alcohol use.  (iii) A local juvenile justice action strategy that provides for a continuum of responses to juvenile crime and delinquency and demonstrates a collaborative and integrated approach for implementing a system of swift, certain, and graduated responses for at-risk youth and juvenile offenders.

RFI Description

Juvenile Prevention Program(s) should be evidence-based and tailored to a specific population (age, gender and ethnicity).  Prevention Program(s) may address, but are not limited to, the following topics:

o   Communication

o   Trauma and resiliency

o   Peer relationships, peer pressure and psychosocial adaptation

o   Drug resistance skills

o   Study habits and academic support

o   Self-efficacy, responsibility and assertiveness

o   Social problem-solving

o   Self-control and emotional awareness

o   Diversity, acceptance and respect

o   Self-esteem

o   Strengthening of healthy personal commitments

o   Balanced living and how to create and maintain physical and mental wellbeing

o   Anger Management

o   Strengthening families

o   Conflict resolution and violence prevention

o   Recreation and leisure time improvement

o   Mentoring



RFI Format and Instructions

In order to facilitate the analysis of responses to this RFI, respondents shall prepare submissions in accordance with the instructions outlined below:


Cover Page:

1.       Must be on company letterhead, be brief and concise, and include the following;

2.       Title must be “Response to County of Plumas Probation Department RFI “072020;

3.       Contact name, job title, business and mailing addresses, telephone number, and email address;

4.       Original signature and date



1.       Operational Structure and Capacity - This Section describes your organization's ability to provide the one or more of the services described.  Include staffing, available facilities, experience and expertise of staff.

2.       Geographical Service Areas - This Section identifies the Service Planning Areas where services will be/can be provided

3.       Pricing - Describe your fees for administering the services.  As this document is an RFI, cost can be based on estimates and not exact cost.  The response should describe costs and billing methodologies.

4.       References - Please provide a list of private or public agencies for which you have provided similar services, describe the work performed, how it was performed, length of time offered and general outcome.

5.       Other Considerations - Please describe and discuss any other professional services, options or considerations you believe Probation should consider.  Feel free to include any necessary attachments.


RFI Submissions 

Responses to this RFI are due on or before 4:00 P.M. PT, Friday, November 4, 2020. Responses to this RFI may be delivered in person or mailed via United States Postal Service or commercial express carriers to Erin Metcalf, Chief Probation Officer, 270 County Hospital Road, Suite 128, Quincy, CA  95971.  Questions should be e-mailed to, erinmetcalf@countyofplumas.com.