Fall Reading Program


(Welcome to the Plumas County Library 2020 Fall Reading Program) 

All Branches moved to curbside service only starting Nov 10. You can still participate, it will just be during curbside instead. Below is the list of prizes; please decide what you want before you arrive at the Library. Make sure you are looking at the prizes under your local branch only.


The Plumas County Libraries have another reading challenge for anyone ages 0 - 18 to participate in, no library card required. Start logging your reading on Nov 2nd until Dec 18th. Set a personal goal and when you meet the goal for each week, tell us and come pick out a prize.

We are going to continue to use the digital reading log program (provided by the CA State Library) called Beanstack, but each branch can provide a paper reading log if you prefer.  Call your local branch for information on using a paper log. If you have any issues signing up online, you can always call your local branch and we can sign you up / track your reading instead. Click here for written instructions and click here to watch a recorded video on how to sign up and use Beanstack. This will go live Monday Nov 2nd and will continue until December 18th. If you signed up for the summer reading program and used Beanstack that account is available to use for this challenge. Sign in to Beanstack and click the green sign tab at the upper right hand corner or scroll down and click the tab at the bottom middle. (If you have forgotten your username or password, call and we can help.) Beanstack will ask to update your information. Then you are ready to log in and earn badges.

Every week, you'll need to enter your books in the reading log - click here to get to Beanstack. (You can enter them throughout the week, or you can do them all at once for that week.) You'll get badges based on the number of books you've read. You will get one prize per week, not per badge; every patron has a different reading goal in mind for their week and the badges reflect that. Once you've entered in your books (we just need the total number, but you can also add titles/authors and reviews of the books you've read), go ahead and give us a call or visit; we'll double check your badges. Visit the Library during browsing hours to log the books you have read on a paper log and/or to pick out your prize.

(Please note it is one prize per week. You may not enter in three weeks' worth of reading logs and get three prizes. If you are not able to pick-up the prizes due to health or other concerns, please let us know and we will work out a way for you to still get your prize.)

Quincy: 283-6310                     Greenville: 284-7416                       Chester: 258-2742                      Portola: 832-4241

Please click on your local branch to see the prize list:
  1. Quincy Prizes
  2. Greenville Prizes
  3. Chester Prizes
  4. Portola Prizes

Quincy Prizes

  • Little Dino Bubble Bottles
  • Mesh-Covered Mini Bright Bead Stress Balls
  • Die Cast Race Cars
  • Sticky Toy
  • A Surprise “Super” Toy – you may get a yo-yo, magic scratch pad, beach ball, glider, plastic slinky, or something else!
  • Ink stamp that says “I Love to Read”
  • Monster Face Mini Spiral Notepad  (Only shark shapes left!)
  • DIY Wood 3D Dinosaur
  • [Click here to see images of the prizes]