RFP - Electronic/Alcohol Monitoring

The Plumas County Probation Department is seeking proposals to provide Electronic Monitoring (EM) and/or Alcohol Monitoring devices and services for juveniles and adults sentenced and ordered by the court to the Plumas County Probation Department for supervision. Devices and services may include but are not limited to the following:

• Electronic ankle transmitters that can accurately monitor the location of a juvenile and/or adult.

• Portable alcohol testing devices that can comprehensively combine a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity to automatically document an individual’s blood alcohol level in real-time.

• Application and coordination of system(s) to ensure victim safety.

• Application and coordination of system(s) to ensure proper use, environmental adaptability and reliability of accuracy.

• Reasonable accommodations to enable timely initial hook up and/or termination of the EM or Alcohol Monitoring Program.

• Timely verification of testing results and/or violations of Probation rules and requirements.

• Proper coordination of communication with client, Deputy Probation Officer and/or Dispatch.

• Promptness of document support and the Probation Department’s accessibility of such resources (i.e. reports that include financial balances, tracking and communication history and/or testing results).

• Proper retention of records and database information.

These services are to be provided during the period of July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. Proposals will be reviewed by the Plumas County Probation Department. All contractual awards will remain at the discretion of the Board of Supervisors. The Probation Department reserves the right to waive any irregularities within a proposal or to reject any proposal. Proposals are due at the Plumas County Probation Department, 270 County Hospital Road, Suite 128, Quincy CA 95971 by the close of business April 29, 2020. For an Application Packet and further information please contact Erin Metcalf at (530) 283-6200.