County Administrator

Under policy direction, plans, organizes, and provides administrative direction and oversight for all County functions and activities; provides policy guidance and program evaluation to the Board of Supervisors and management staff; encourages and facilitates provision of services to County residents and businesses; fosters cooperative working relationships with State and local intergovernmental and regulatory agencies and various public and private groups; pursues appropriate avenues of economic and community development; and performs related work as required.

The County Administrator receives administrative and general policy direction from the Board of Supervisors. The work provides for a wide variety of independent decision-making, within legal and general policy and regulatory guidelines. The primary function of the County Administrator is to oversee the preparation, adoption, and administration of the county budget. This position works closely with the elected offices of auditor-controller, treasurer, tax collector and assessor to coordinate the efforts of those finance-related offices in the preparation and administration of the county budget. The County Administrator provides the Board of Supervisors with objective analyses of issues. Through the coordination of departmental activities, the County Administrator works to resolve differences among departments and ensure the county government operates harmoniously. The position shall also be vested with the authority and titles of County Budgetary Officer, County Safety Officer, County Insurance/Risk Manager, and County Purchasing Agent.


View the county's annual budget books for fiscal years beginning with 2000-2001.