Collection Highlights

Listed below are a selection of the museum's collections:

  • Art Collection: An eclectic collection of various historic works with emphasis on local scenes and local artists
  • Chinese Collection: Artifacts, clothing, and other items representing the presence of the Chinese and the contributions they made to Plumas County history
  • Davis Basket Collection: A variety of Maidu Indian baskets made prior to 1900. Arrowheads, a bow, arrows, tu tums (baby boards), and other artifacts make up the remainder of this exceptional collection.
  • Doll Collection: A large representation of dolls from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s are exhibited permanently on the Stella Fay Miller Mezzanine Gallery.
  • Exhibit Yard: Hydraulic monitors for large scale gold mining, an aerial ore car from Walkermine, a stamp mill, and an 1890s furnished miner's cabin plus many tools represent the county's mining heritage. Nearby is an 1870s farm wagon fitted with a large redwood water tank, a 1920 gas-operated one-cylinder saw, and numerous logging and ranching tools. A working blacksmith shop with a viewing table beneath the shade of oak trees makes this outdoor exhibit area a pleasant experience.
  • Falck Basket Collection: A collection of Maidu basketry unrivaled anywhere in the state. Some of the finest examples available are in this collection.
  • Firearms Collection: Shotguns, rifles, carbines, pistols, knives, and even a blackjack are displayed in this collection of pioneer firearms and related materials. From black powder through cartridges, these are fine examples of early weaponry.
  • James Boynton Railroad Collection: Donated in memory of James Earl Boynton, retired Western Pacific locomotive engineer, the collection encompasses artifacts from the steam era into the diesel years. Builders' plates, photos, literature, lanterns, signs, and hundreds of other artifacts make up this comprehensive collection. The "Steam Forever" collection augments the railroad wall in the museum Carriage House.
  • Longboard Skis: These wooden skis are 12-14 feet long and were once used to race straight down slopes at speeds up to 88 miles per hour. The collection also features associated paraphernalia. The skis still perplex visitors as to how these people weren't killed riding them.
  • Natural History Collection: Many of the specimens in the collection were taxidermied by Ed Garner around 1900. The remainder are more recent and range from squirrels to a 175-pound mountain lion.
  • Stella Fay Miller Music Parlor: The parlor features three vintage pianos, organs and various musical instruments that played an important part in the cultural lives of county pioneers.
  • Vehicle Collection: This collection consists of a restored 1910 Italian buggy, a railroad baggage cart, farm wagon, convertible sleigh-wagon, and a one-horse winter sleigh that doubles as Santa's sleigh for the holidays.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please email Museum Director Scott Lawson at (530) 283-6320.